A world-renowned musical artist, renowned for their expertly crafted beats and innovative DJ sets that keep audiences dancing all night long.

DENDEAURA is a Haitian born, Miami-raised Montreal residence Dj and record producer with 18 album releases under his belt. With over 15 years honing his craft De Aura (otherwise known-as) loves packing dance-floors with tribal beats and groovy baselines. Dendeaura’s sets are filled with mostly original tracks and timeless tech house classics grooves with percussive undertones to keep you dancing all night long! The 32 year old considers himself a performance Dj, hoping to change the world with his music.

Dendeaura learned how to spin music from a university friend who served as some of the early influences for his djing style. With a Haitian background, Dendeaura loves percussive jams and organic tribal sounds as he feels rhythmic percussion can also serve as healing to our being.


The Dendeaura music catalog includes an eclectic mix of varying organic as-well-as digital musical elements MERGED INTO DEEP-HOUSE TECH HOUSE AND PROGRESSIVE ELECTRONIC SOUNDS. 


I would like to introduce you to DJ and Graphic Designer “Dendeaura”, a world-class artist and entrepreneur in the music and design industry. With 18 albums released and a rapidly growing fanbase, Dendeaura is poised to become a major player in the entertainment and design world.

At Dendeaura Music and Design, we are passionate about delivering innovative and cutting-edge beats that keep audiences dancing all night long. Our focus on immersive soundscapes and dynamic compositions has earned us recognition as one of the most creative and talented DJs in the industry.

Dendeaura’s expertise extends beyond the DJ booth. At Graphic Design by Dendeaura, we offer a full-scale graphic design agency that delivers solutions for branding and marketing. Our designs feature bold color palettes, eye-catching visuals, and dynamic compositions that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

We also offer transportive exhibitions featuring large-format art prints that showcase Dendeaura’s talent as both a musician and an artist. These exhibitions offer a unique and memorable experience for audiences, showcasing Dendeaura’s ability to captivate and inspire.


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