WUSHU Marketing is our graphic design firm that specializes in providing creative and innovative services to help individuals and businesses stand out from the crowd. Led by Dendeaura a seasoned music producer, DJ and graphic designer, we are passionate about helping people to showcase their talents and promote their events in unique and exciting ways.


Wushu Marketing, a division of Dendeaura Music and Design that offers comprehensive music and graphic design services that elevate brands and captivate audiences. With expertise in music production, DJ performance, graphic design, music production, Linkedin remodeling, CV Creations; our team delivers exceptional results for clients to stand out and to deal their dreams. Dendeaura will help you come up with innovative solutions paired with unparalleled creativity.

Whatever your vision is, let us help you bring it to life. Here's an Example:


“Step back in time and into the future with Dendeaura Marketing Agency!


We bring you the best in Graphic Design Services, with rates starting at just $100 per hour. From Logo Design to Website Design and everything in between, our designs will leave you speechless.But wait, there’s more!


Our Marketing Solutions are second to none, and we’ll help you reach your goals for just $500 per project. From Social Media Marketing to Content Marketing and beyond, we’ll help you soar.


And when it comes to Branding Expertise, we’ve got you covered. Our rates start at $2,500 per project, and we’ll help you define your brand and make your mark.



Don’t forget about our DJ Booking Services, starting at just $1,000 per event. We’ll bring the party to you with our DJ Services for private and corporate events, Music Production, and Performance Services. Plus, our Dendeaura Art will transport you to another world, with rates starting at $500 per project.


From Large-Format Art Services to Eye-Catching Palette Design, we’ll create an experience you’ll never forget. And if you’re looking for Cutting-Edge Beats and Innovative Soundscapes, we’ve got you covered. Our rates start at just $100 per hour, and we’ll provide Music Production Services and DJ Services for private and corporate events.



Last but not least, we offer World-Class DJ and Designer Services for your high-profile events. Contact us for pricing and let us make your event unforgettable. So, what are you waiting for? Let our WUSHU Marketing Agency help you make your mark!”​


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